How to Block Light From The Sides of Blinds

Do your blinds or shades let in light from the sides? In the window covering world, we call these “light gaps.” These gaps exist because blinds and shades can’t be made to fit perfectly tight to the sides of the window. Without this gap, the fabric or slats would scrape along the window frame when they raise and lower, causing damage.

Some windows have a vinyl border that overlaps enough with the window treatments to cover light gaps, but others can let in sleep-ruining beams of light. Light gaps are especially problematic on blackout shades where complete darkness is desired.

One solution is “tracks” that cover the gap and allow shades to slide up and down. You may have seen something like this on hotel window shades. Until now, these tracks were only available for expensive custom shades and not compatible with many other window treatments or aftermarket solutions.